RAM is a sound design instrumental LP created by Ryan Campos. This music scores the Donofrio Dance Company’s dance piece “RAM”. It is an evening length multimedia based dance work exploring the most precious and vital parts of our identities, our memories. 

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(I can dig it.  /BK)


Exton, Pennsylvania

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In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m cleaning out our inbox :P  


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What happened to the Mods??
acthfm acthfm Said:

T-roy and I are still around, but most of the rest of the OGs have faded away, from both this tumblr and the room.  I believe the shutdown of TT took a lot of the fun out of it for all of us. f’uture and unk have made appearances recently, but I can’t tell if either of them are going to come back with any regularity ATM.  


Posting this for my friend and fellow Dj, Annastay. She made this mix to tell her story of chronic illness and to try to raise money for treatment. I put this video together to raise awareness. The pictures used are not just beautiful, but symbolic… We hope you enjoy.

(If I’m honest, there’s a couple tracks in here that I’m not all that fond of, but overall this is a pretty good mix, especially when one considers the story attached to it.  /BK)

I must apologize to Fornax Void, as I don’t check the inbox very often so I didn’t see his message sooner.  (In fact, there’s no timestamps, so I don’t even know how long ago it was sent, heh) Took the time to listen to this today, and it’s good.  Worth the $3, IMO.  Check it out.


Wayfarer - Nani Nani


Simon Lomax - Echo Test


Dubatech - Monix


Maurizio Miceli - Dub Sunset


Mitekiss - Deltica